Friday, December 24

Christmas Eve Caramel Corn

I am on a roll! I feel so light and joyous this Christmas Eve, it is WONDERFUL! I have completed Reindeer Chex Mix and filled all six tins for the neighbors...

Even better, I finally made a batch of another recipe I earmarked a few weeks ago: The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen's Maple Caramel Corn. Let me just tell you - it is EASY, FAST, and DELICIOUS! (Yes, that really did need three capitalized words!) You must try the recipe - I can't get over the fact that it is entirely GFCF egg-free and soy-free, and the sugar (maple syrup, grade B) is natural, unprocessed, and minimally problem-causing for me. *Note: The recipe author is not kidding, you need a REALLY BIG bowl or two typical "large size" mixing bowls to mix it up. This was the first time I've made popcorn on the stove as well, and I can see this being a super fun activity for kids (with supervision of course) and anyone young at heart like me. Try it, ASAP! :)

Maple Caramel Corn

Serve a large bowl of this tasty popcorn at your holiday party. It also makes a great gift for a teacher! If you double the recipe then make it in batches. Popping one cup of popcorn will nearly fill an 8-quart stockpot!

2 to 3 tablespoons virgin coconut oil
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 cup organic popcorn kernels

1/2 cup virgin coconut oil or butter
1 cup grade B maple syrup
few dashes sea salt

Preheat oven to 325 degrees F.
Heat an 8-quart stockpot over high heat for a minute or so. Add oil and salt, then popcorn. Cover and cook for a few minutes, moving the pot vigorously, until the popping has subsided. Then quickly remove from heat to prevent burning and pour popcorn into two large bowls (or one really large bowl if you own one)!
In a small to medium saucepan heat the coconut oil or butter, maple syrup, and a few dashes sea salt over medium heat. Once small bubbles form begin timing for 4 to 5 minutes. Cook, whisking occasionally until thickened and foamy. Quickly pour over popcorn in bowls and toss together using two large spoons. Spread into two shallow baking pans or cookie sheets and place in the oven.
Bake for 10 minutes stirring half way through. Let cool completely. Caramel corn will crisp up as it cools. Store in a tightly sealed container once completely cooled to keep it crisp.

My first batch turned out perfect!
Never thought I'd call popcorn "beautiful," but this really is!
Two whole (LARGE) cookie sheets FULL!

Clean applesauce jars and some Christmas scrapbook paper  made beautiful gifts of caramel corn for best friends