Tuesday, January 18


I have been busy! Lots of homework and getting in the routine of school again. With both Hubs and I in school and finances SO tight, I want to make sure I am putting in the time to get good grades and learn all I can. I think once I've got this new routine down I'll be back in the kitchen and blogging again.

Hubs and I had enchiladas twice last week, because our favorite neighborhood taqueria has brought back their $3 enchilada plate. (Thank you, thank you, thank you!) For $3 plus tax you get two enchiladas with white chicken and sauce, Spanish rice, and beans, plus all the chips and salsa you want. I ask them to hold the cheese and it passes for a safe meal for me. It's so much food, one plate is enough for two meals for me, and I always save half for later. But despite the low price and fun little date atmosphere, we need to not go out any more for a week or two, and the only thing I wanted last night was enchiladas. Well, Blessed Hubs is usually up for a challenge and he took on my craving without hesitation (he's the brave one in the kitchen). He banged around in the kitchen for an hour and when I came in he had plated up some amazing chicken enchiladas! He found this recipe for an easy, fast enchilada sauce and whipped it up substituting a gluten free flour mix I had in the refrigerator. Pieces of grilled chicken breast, grilled red onions, and rice, wrapped in yellow corn tortillas and topped with red sauce, with black beans on the side. It was delicious! I don't have any pictures because I wasn't thinking "Blog This!" at the time, but I hope the description is enough to inspire you. This is another one of those simple dinners I could add to the list in my post "There's Nothing Wrong with Meat and Potatoes."

I will be watching my reaction to the red sauce today (Tomatoes/Nightshades are on my suspect list right now). It's definitely less tomato than a pasta dinner, so hopefully I won't have any aches and pains!
Okay, it's time for breakfast - one of my favorites: steel cut oats, strawberries and coconut milk, with a sprinkle of flax meal over the top. Yum!