Saturday, March 19

Took a Peek at the Carseat

I was looking for something fun and spontaneous to do last night (at home), and I asked Hubs if we could open the huge box containing Baby's travel system. A family friend had it shipped to us several weeks ago, and it was a fun surprise! We have the box sitting right in our living room staring at us every day, and I wanted to see what it was like beyond the photos on the box! So Hubs unpacked the car seat and stroller, and we played around with the latches, buckles, snaps and buttons figuring out how to use them. The fabric is really cute brown and bright lime green, and you can tell it's super easy to keep clean. The carseat is LIGHT, compact, and perfect for a smallish mom like me to carry. Here's a photo of me with the carseat - I was practicing :)

Sadly, we had to put it all back in the box for now. But I'm glad we got it unpacked and out of the stinky plastic bags. Hopefully in about two months Baby's room will be done and we can start putting his/her things in there. Fun!