Friday, May 13

TJ's Picks, including a Delicious Dairy-Free Dessert!

We got a fun little surprise in the mail on Monday - my mom surprised us with a gift card to Trader Joe's, so we could buy some "goodies" while we are remodeling! So earlier this week Hubs and I headed over there. It was fun! We did a quick but not rushed go-round of the store and filled a basket with an assortment of things, and I got some things to stash away on my new "treat shelf" - it's on the top shelf of the farthest kitchen cupboard, so I have to stretch and reach to get anything down. That's my justification for having treats at all - I have to work a little to get to 'em.

We came home with a full bag of items, including Trader Joe's Gluten Free Ginger Snaps

Black Licorice Scottie Dog gummies

Freeze Dried Strawberries, to snack on or add to cereal

and very tasty Gluten Free (Maple Cranberry) Granola!

(By the way, Trader Joe's has some handy lists available on their website that list their products that fit specific dietary needs, including a five page list of all their gluten free foods. Pretty handy to prevent aimless wandering around the store reading labels for hours!)

Before we went to the checkout, we went through the freezer section quickly (not typically too many options for me there) and I saw something wonderful: Dairy-Free Mochi Ice Cream!

If you've ever had the "regular" Mochi Ice Cream that comes in flavors like green tea, strawberry and chocolate, you know it's good. Chewy rice cake outside with cool, sweet ice cream inside. Well, God Bless them, they have created a dairy-free version made with coconut milk! For less than $4, you get a box of six mochi cakes: two mango, two chocolate, and two coconut flavor. I just had a chocolate one, and it was delightful! If you are allergic to dairy or making the wise choice to cut back on it, try these little numbers. Elegant enough for a couples dinner party dessert, yet simple enough to enjoy while watching TV with your feet up on a Friday night. If you try these, leave a comment letting me know how you like them. I think these are my new favorite special treat :)