Wednesday, June 8

Remodeling Update: We're Done!

We are finished! Hubs wrapped up the remodel last night with the closet system installation, which means the whole project took just under one month. Fastest remodel yet. The floor was pretty easy to put in once we got the hang of it - I think it was probably only four hours of actual working on it to get it done. It looks beautiful. And this is our first remodel that we've been able to finish with trim; it gives the room such a nice clean look. It makes me excited to get trim into our bedroom and kitchen finally.

The only thing that still needs to be done is baseboards, and we will get to those when the warm weather returns (for good outdoor painting conditions). We are both so happy to be done and getting our house back. I can't wait until this evening; we're going to set up the crib and move BG's dresser out of the living room and into her room!

I've so enjoyed puttering around in her room today, getting it set up. Now I can start decorating the walls and adding the bedding to the room as my mom and I sew it.
Here are a few photos of the finished project - I'm so proud of my husband!