Tuesday, November 22

Dinner's Ready!

For the first time in years I have been cooking a complete dinner meal consistently every evening. And I owe it to my new necessary gluten free diet!

Since we decided to go 100% gluten free in our house, we've never looked back. It's been a little over two weeks now and things are going well. I made a wonderful re-discovery at the same time we made this big decision. I rediscovered Stephanie O'Dea's A Year of Slow Cooking. It is a fantastic year-long collection of crock pot recipes, and ALL of them are gluten free! Needless to say, I've been on that website almost daily, and Hubs and I have cooked about seven different recipes so far. It's been an incredible help - I just toss some ingredients in the slow cooker in the morning, put it on Low, and by dinner time it's ready! I think our favorite dish so far has been the Tandoori Chicken. I use half a can of coconut milk instead of the yogurt, and it tastes really good while also being dairy free.

As I've started to gluten-detox, I've found that every few days I am up for challenges that require a little more energy. So there ya go!