Sunday, February 26

Blast from the Past on Bacon Fat

Do you love old cookbooks as much as I do? A nicer word for them is "vintage." I will wax poetic about my fondness for vintage cookbooks another time, but had to share something. I was looking through one of my collection, and came across this gem about bacon grease. I had to share with my paleo/primal/fat-happy friends:

The portion I'm referring to says:

LEFTOVER BACON FAT: Refrigerate in covered jar. Plan to use within 2 weeks. Nice for seasoning green beans, green limas, greens, macaroni, scalloped potatoes, etc. Nice, too, for making sauces and soups, for frying eggs, potatoes, meats, etc.

Someone take a guess as to what decade this cookbook is from. It clearly isn't the "fat is terrifying and out to get us all!" 1990's  :)

Along this same fat-friendly line, here is a short clip of Julia Child talking about how she preferred McDonald's french fries before they switched to [creepy] processed "nutritionist oil." It helps me understand why our parents and grandparents are so nostaglic for their old burger drive-in meals - the food really did taste different and better back then, because they cooked everything with real fat - no doubt quite tasty, and with nourishment value.