Monday, February 13

Paleo for Autoimmune Disease

No new Fast Food Mondays post today friends, sorry! I had a medical procedure last Monday and it took me most of the week to recover. I think my body has reached its biopsy limit for the year; it is starting to protest!

Despite no food sharing today, I did want to share an article. I've been doing some investigating around the web to learn more about the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) (go here, scroll down to "Autoimmunity") and I came across a great article at Jo's Health Corner. Entitled "Is The Paleo Diet Beneficial For Autoimmune Diseases?" it explains how and why the Standard American Diet contributes to ill health (wheat, lectins, leaky gut...), and how the Paleo lifestyle can help any person, especially those who suffer from autoimmune disease. The Paleo AIP definitely requires another level of dedication, but it is really helping people who have limited treatment options. How encouraging to read testimonies of people going into remission from Multiple Sclerosis by cooking and eating good food!
Everyone can get something out of this article, I'm sure of it. So give it a read, and if you know someone who could use inspiration or understanding about restoring health, share it with them.

I'll catch up with you all later this week with a yummy recipe. Slow Cooker Spicy Coconut Chicken. YUM! It's my new favorite meal, and I cook it at least once a week these days. You don't want to miss it!