Wednesday, May 2

The New JC Penney, and A New Dress

This post has nothing to do with Paleo, gluten-free, or food at all. Because I am a multi-dimensional person with a life outside of the kitchen ;)

Yesterday was a doozy of a day. My baby girl was almost injured very seriously. Thank You Jesus again, and again, and again that she is fine. It really shook me up. THEN, the toilet flooded, and the water just kept flowing, and flowing... It was horrible to just stand there and watch it flow out of the bathroom, down the hall, and I couldn't get it to stop! Thank you, my amazing husband for coming to the rescue. 
The water could've ruined our one-year-old hardwood flooring, but it didn't. Serendipitously, our linens are right next to the bathroom and I threw down every bath towel I could find to soak it up. I have the last batch of towels drying in the dryer now - four loads of laundry later!
Hubs removed the sink, toilet, and floor from the bathroom and laid down new subflooring and toilet. If you remember, last year when we started the baby bedroom remodel we found that our bathroom needs redoing too. It's been a year of putting it off and boxes of ceramic tile sitting in the house getting tripped on... Well sometimes you need a push to get moving on a project, and life gives you that push. Like a toilet clogging ;)

But, the day wasn't all bad. In between the two events, I drove my girl and myself to the mall and we did some stroller time browsing and checking out spring fashions. It was fun! We spent most of our time at one particular store... Have you guys been to the "new" J C Penney yet? I went for the first time yesterday, and it did NOT disappoint! I have been wanting to go since they announced their big changes a few months back, when Ellen (Love her!) became a spokeswoman and did those great Superbowl commercials set in the old West and Victorian times. Some of JCP's new promises include "Fair and Square Pricing" - no more confusing sales or x.99 prices. They have simple, easy to read red, white and blue colored tags, with great prices every day, plus monthly specials, and markdowns on the first and third Friday of each month. They promise "Happy Returns" on anything, anytime, with or without a receipt. I heard that they are working to bring jobs back to the USA. I guess someone had an "aha moment" and got passionate about returning to the company's roots. Pretty cool!
...Listen to me, I sound like another JCP spokeswoman. I'm not, but I am excited about their changes! So, go JC Penney! Thank you for supporting some of the good American traditions and reclaiming and improving upon your heritage!

I think the best part of the new JCP -you may have noticed this if you have cable and see the entertaining colorful TV commercials- is that every month they have a theme. Some of the red tagged "everyday prices" go lower for the month, the store decor changes, the doors and signs are decorated. For example, this month the color theme is pale purple and says, "it's Mother's May." It's fun :)

It was great fun looking around yesterday. There are some new designers, fantastic prices, and the quality of the clothing seems very good. I think with myself and my peers, since we were preteens we've classified JCP as our mothers' and grandmothers' store; not exciting or sophisticated stuff. But they have transformed! I noticed that they've got modern styles for every brand and age. I wanted to try something on at every turn, and was mentally picking things out for my mom and great aunt... So, you go JCP-loving Grandmas! :)

When I saw this dress I fell in love. Isn't it pretty? The perfect color and belted for this summer...

My first Mother's Day is coming up next Sunday, and I decided to treat myself and get this dress.
Ladies, we all need to reward ourselves sometimes, right? Wear something that make us feel beautiful is one of the best ways we can honor ourselves. And what better day to do that than Mother's Day??
I even got a surprise at the check out counter. The dress had a red $35 tag (Everyday Deal), but it rung up at $25. Yesterday was May 1, and it had just gone on monthly special! Score!

Every woman needs a pretty new dress for spring and summer. Have you picked one out yet? Do share! And if you check out the new JCP, let me know what you think. We can compare notes :)