Friday, June 1

Why You May Need to be Grain Free! Watch & Consider

This five minute interview with Dr. Peter Osborne is worth watching. Some quick bullet points it covers:
  • Typical gluten free diets include heavy amounts of corn and rice
  • Proteins have been found in corn that are identical to proteins in gluten - the gluten-sensitive immune system reacts the same to these proteins, and don't heal
  • Lectins, chemicals found in beans and seeds, act like gluten, creating leaky gut walls
  • Leaky gut leads to more and more food allergies
  • Seeds were created to produce and perpetuate life, and so they have protective chemicals to prevent extinction - when we eat these, they end up in our gut. Don't assume they don't harm you!
  • Grains induce intestinal permeability and autoimmune disease
  • Study published: 92% of celiacs did not recover on a "traditional gluten free diet"
  • In comparison, often when a person goes grain-free, they are healed completely
  • "Healthy whole grains" are promoted on commercials... but aren't healthy!
  • Gluten is now tied to 190 autoimmune diseases!

My family has been 99% grain free since January (no gluten, dairy, or soy since last year), and it has worked wonders for my health and the activity of autoimmune disease in my body. PLUS, my basically healthy husband has lost 30 POUNDS (with no changes to his activity level - just food alone), has no more foot pain despite his 6-7 miles of walking on concrete floors at work each day, and more energy each day.
There is something to this, guys. Please watch and consider for yourself.