Saturday, July 7

Zinc Carnosine?

I checked out a few books from the library this week, including Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND's What's Eating Your Child? Not for Baby V - she is healthy is can be, thank You Jesus! But because it looks interesting and possibly helpful for my own health crisis situation. Kelly has a website as well, I just discovered: What'

In a chapter titled, "The Toddler Who Could Not Stop Spitting Up" Kelly writes about something called Zinc Carnosine, which she recommends for children recovering from reflux and dairy-induced stomach problems. She uses this in combination with probiotics, once parents have removed the irritating food (usually milk protein/casein in this case), to heal the damage.
On page 81 of the book, she writes, "Zinc carnosine is a little known gut repair product that has been thought to improve gastric health, specifically, the stomach lining." So of course I jumped right onto Google and typed in "zinc carnosine  leaky gut." Here is what came up: Search results.

I've never heard of this stuff, and it's possible it could really help! Hmmm...
I am on a quest to be well, and I love when nuggets like this get dropped in my lap. We have to do our best, and God will take care of the rest.

Well, off I go to read some more. (I am now seeing why I don't usually take the opportunity to rest when Baby is napping - I'm always finding something new to research, read about, and learn! NERD ALERT!)

P.S. I'm making no claims here, I'm no health professional, and I cannot be held responsible or liable for your decisions regarding your health, supplement intake, diet, etc. - as my disclaimer at the bottom of the page also states.