Saturday, August 31

Liver biopsy

On Wednesday I had a transjugular liver biopsy. My liver function tests have continued to stay elevated and so we need to get some information. It was done in Interventional Radiology, with sedation, and they put a plastic catheter down my jugular vein through my neck, and took measurements of the pressures inside my liver and portal vein. I have never had this kind of biopsy before, all the rest have been through the abdomen. It wasn't bad, and I was sedated. But I remember saying, "ouch ouch ouch!" when they removed the plastic catheter and were inserting the metal cannula (which has a hook on the end, the doctor told me- glad I didn't see that!) And vaguely remember them saying they were giving me more medicine. They use the metal hook to take a few biopsy tissue samples of the liver. Before the procedure, the doctor explained that there was a chance because I am post liver transplant with different vein "hook ups" than most people, that they couldn't get the samples without going through my abdomen. But it worked, PTL!!

I was super groggy for a long time after in recovery, and they told me they gave IV Benadryl to help me through the biopsy part- that explained it; that stuff knocks me out!

The doctor told us that the pressure measurements look good, yeah! It will be probably middle of next week before we hear on the biopsies. Just continuing to believe that God is healing me, no cirrhosis, no PSC, in Jesus' name!

I am thankful for great doctors, a beautiful new hospital facility I got the best of the best technology for my procedure, and great staff that always welcomes my little one there with us. Here we are just after I got moved to my bed on the recovery floor. She said, "me, mommy's bed!" So that's what she got :) 

I love my sweet girl of courage!