Thursday, August 8


It is a wrap! And in the words of my pastor, Wow wow Wow Wow wow!
We just finished an incredible Team Church Conference at Champions Centre. The best ever. Jesus was present in and amongst everything. It was over the top rich in quality and quantity. We are all reeling from the worship, wisdom, watershed moments... simply too much to sum up yet or in a short post.

I just want to say, I am psyched that finally, my fifth year at CC, I got to live my dream of serving at TC Conference. I am exhausted, I gave it every thing I had. And that is enough. My body stuck it out (yep I'm completely worn out today, but I made it!) and my labs even came back this week BETTER still. Thank You Jesus!

I love this House, I love my church family, Iove Jesus' church, and am so excited as we are in amazing days of love and unity amongst the Body of Christ. We are alive in this era - these ARE the "good old days" - for such a time as this! Great things ahead... :))

Me and my Hubs ready for Day 3
(I'm looking a little tired but so happy!)

My beautiful friend Nina and me last night in the TC13 Photobooth