Friday, November 26

"a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father"

It is so important to know why we do what we do in life, whether it's a family tradition, a cultural custom, or a national holiday. Take two minutes today and read President Abraham Lincoln's "Proclamation Establishing Thanksgiving Day," to renew and refresh your understanding of why we get a day off work and gather with loved ones over a beautiful feast every year at the end of November. It is a beautiful piece of writing that explains why the Thanksgiving holiday was created, and describes the circumstances surrounding those hard times. There was a clear need felt by President Lincoln, a real need for a national day of turning our eyes upward and offering our heartfelt thanks to God for ALL He has done on our behalf.
If only this would be read publicly each Thanksgiving holiday, it would remind the multitude that we are a great nation BECAUSE we were founded upon the principles and purposes of our God, and we are so blessed BECAUSE we made room for him in our society. These truths are so blurred, hidden, and forgotten these days. CEOs all know how dangerous it is to not know or care about the vision statement of your company - why is it that recent US Presidents aren't thinking the same way?
Sometimes I wish we had President Lincoln and some of the other greats back in office; what a dream team they would make! God-given wisdom in a leader will always outweigh even the highest academic achievements, business success, and cultural popularity. I'm just saying...