Tuesday, November 23

"Show Me Your Friends, and I'll Show You Your Future"

"Show me your friends, and I'll show you your future." - Jeannie Mayo

My youth pastor in high school, still one of my mentors, shared this quote all the time. It is SO true. Just as we are what we eat, so we become who we spend time with. I'm so confused lately by the people I watch that spend time with those that are not necessarily challenging them or making them better, but just making them comfortable.
While I've had some lonely seasons in life, including the one I'm still in, I am thankful and would never trade the fact that I've had to start over a few times in life when circumstances faded friendships. Sometimes it takes a while to establish the right relationships in which to invest our time and love. It takes work, but that's the sacrifice you make when you go after what God calls you to do instead of staying where you're comfortable - so no whining here (though I've had my moments)!

Pay attention to your relationships. If you want to have an adventurous, God-chasing life but your friends' goals are to live in the same town for fifty years and never pursue a dream boldly, are you matched up with the right people? If you are blessed with children and want them to grow up serving God and knowing Him personally, but you spend all your time with people that don't have any kids, how are you getting wisdom on parenting? These are questions worth asking. I consistently ask myself the same kind of questions. It's all about being intentional and aware.

Take a look around at your inner circle and ask yourself, "Where am I going?" And give yourself an honest answer. Personally, I want to go after all God has for me, and I know I won't get that by staying comfortable, doing the lazy thing, and sticking to the old. To succeed at this, we've got to step out, be brave, and seek out relationships and friends that are going where we want to go, doing what we want to do, and being who we want to be! Don't hesitate befriending people who you're intimidated by - if you are too proud to admit you need to grow in some areas, and you stay around those you feel "better than" for the rest of your life, you're not going to get all that God has for you. He always has more - even if it means giving up your comfort for a while, go after it! Let's follow Jesus -not just when it's easy or comfortable, but even when it means making tough or unpopular decisions- and go after ALL he has for us. Life's too short to stay in the same place forever!