Sunday, December 19

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies (Vegan)

Okay, I am on a cookie-baking spree! It is Christmas time, after all, and now that our kitchen remodel is complete I can't seem to resist the appeal of my beautiful new space for longer than a few days. I keep parking myself at my amazing new (LONG!) countertop, pick out a recipe to test, bust out my shiny red KitchenAid mixer and go to town!

These GF vegan pumpkin oatmeal cookies from The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen are from a recipe that I found and printed out about a month ago. I had ground the three cups of oat flour they require about two weeks ago and it was staring me down on my counter - plus, Thanksgiving is clearly over, taking pumpkin fanaticism with it. So I buckled down and got these baked in three batches in between shower and getting dressed, hair done and makeup ready for a night out with a girlfriend.

Bowl of cookie dough after the first batch went in the oven
I used parchment paper to line the cookie sheet- my new favorite thing in GF baking
They baked up in 13 minutes on 350F. They don't feel quite the same as a traditional gluten-containing or GF cookie when you test for doneness, but they do get a little brown on the bottom for a visual cue and stay together well - no crumbling.

Almost done...
Cooling... The recipe made over 4 dozen little cookies!
True to the recipe, these are better when cool. I left them on the cooling racks while I went out, and when I got home several hours later they were ready to eat. I had tasted part of a cookie right after they came out of the oven, and honestly felt like I wasted my time and baking ingredients. But when I tried a cookie after I got home, I was pleasantly surprised. They are delicious! They won over my non-gluten free friend too! Always a good sign.

These cookies are on a teacup saucer  (a cute little plate for cute little cookies)
I was worried about them getting too soft, but I have found that they are staying a nice chewy texture without being mushy. If you like pumpkin and want something not-too-sweet and with a high volume of cookies per recipe, try these little golden nuggets. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

*One note: I am running low on coconut oil - sad day! (Some of you will understand why the two pack 54 oz Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil on is number one on my Wish List!) So, I used Smart Balance Light: Original with Flax "buttery spread." I do have a soy allergy, but because this is a mix of other oils like palm and flax, and it is readily available and cheap for the bulk of Christmas cookies I'm putting out, I bought some. They turned out great considering the thin consistency of the Smart Balance, but I bet the cookies would be even better with coconut oil!