Wednesday, January 5

Easy GF Vegan Apple Bread!

There is less and less food around these parts, as we consume more and more of what we have and payday is still a few days away. This morning I was just not satisfied by my brown rice hot cereal with semi-thawed strawberries and leftover canned coconut milk, but there was not much else to choose from. After opening the refrigerator for the third time, I finally noticed I still had a few Jona Gold (aka beautiful!) apples from about a month ago (don't judge me!). I had made a point to buy apples for a quick bread recipe, and after debating for a few minutes, I decided to suck it up and bake! I'm glad I finally have enough of a supply of alternative baking ingredients that I can pretty much bake something on a whim - it's a nice feeling!

So, this recipe is kind of special because it was one of the very first to go into my cherished Recipe Binder. We didn't have internet access for quite some time, so once it was hooked up in early autumn I was online almost every day looking at the food blogs, searching for recipes and tips for people like me (allergic to dairy, egg, soy and wheat). She Let Them Eat Cake was the first blog I found that matched my allergies almost exactly, and it was so exciting! I even called my husband at work to tell him that I found a place where I could bake and cook almost anything that was posted! I printed out this Apple Bread recipe and filed it away, then early autumn (apple season) turned into late autumn and pumpkin took over my kitchen. Then it was Christmas, and other flavors and ingredients took precedence. January seems like a good time to find those passed-over recipes and try them out, so here we are :)
It just came out of the oven, and It. Is. GOOD! I love the texture: a crisp, sugary crunch on the top (brushing it with melted coconut oil helps with that) and moist, gooey cinnamon apple goodness inside. Perfection!

It needed about 10 minutes more than the recipe called for. Perhaps because of my flour-blend sub.
I cut out a piece right away, I couldn't wait!
*Substitutions: I didn't have arrowroot flour on hand and I am not in the mood to toast and grind quinoa for flour (another time!) so I replaced the flour mix that she uses in this bread with a different gluten-free mix containing sorghum, tapioca and millet flours. Also, I didn't have coconut sugar, and although it pained me to do so (almost as much as it pained me to buy it last month, even though there's no way to make sugar cookies without it!) I used organic cane sugar instead.

This is what happens when you don't let it cool first... but it doesn't affect the taste!