Wednesday, January 12

Snow and Baking

I spent about two hours in the kitchen tonight preparing dinner and then eating at the bar and doing some homework. I looked out the window finally, after cleaning up, and the yard and street were covered in a blanket of white! Snow fell for at least four hours tonight - just beautiful! I sat down on the couch for my weekly dose of What Not to Wear and both cats practically leaped into my lap with jubilance that I was finally seated with a blanket. But my kitchen, oven, four ripe bananas and a recipe I've been wanting to try kept calling to me, and I had to give in and leave the kitties for a later snuggle. I made this Banana Nut Bread, and all I can say is that Stephanie is right -this recipe knocks your socks off and instantly becomes one that you'll turn to again and again. I'm even planning to make a loaf of this for my father-in-law, who misses my old tried-and-true, wheat and butter-filled banana bread that I used to treat him with occasionally. I don't think he'll be able to tell the two apart! Definitely try this recipe, it is divine.

I made muffins (a faster, easier breakfast/snack option than bread which needs slicing and plates). I adjusted the baking time to 15 minutes per batch of twelve. The recipe made twenty-two muffins in all. Here's a quick photo I snapped, just to prove to ya that I made 'em. I've already eaten two muffins, and I could eat two more. So I went proactive and froze most of them; this way they'll last longer than, well, one day :)