Thursday, February 24


...a baby.


This has been Hubs' and my big secret for two months, and it's time to spill the beans! We wanted to wait until we were out of the first trimester, as the risk of losing the pregnancy drops considerably. We didn't even tell our family until a few days ago, because we didn't want to announce it early and then have to share less happy news down the road (been there, done that - makes that sad time even worse!).
My pregnancy is "high risk," and we walked through the first trimester without any expectations. But we've had three ultrasounds so far, and all that is visible is a healthy, developing baby with no abnormalities and a very strong heartbeat! God continues to amaze us as he lets me defy the odds and statistics that attempt to put me and my health history in a box. We will praise Him, no matter what the outcome. But I am so thankful for encouraging reports at each appointment thus far! The best is yet to come!