Wednesday, March 30

Hot Dog for Breakfast...

I had to laugh at myself this morning, and simply say, "Well, if we didn't know I was pregnant before, this would give it away!"

Our appointment was earlier than usual, and mornings are tough for me lately - I can't eat enough to fill my finicky stomach! We left the clinic and I realized I needed something to stave off nausea. We happened to be driving past a Sonic and I said, "Oooh, a cranberry limeade would really hit the spot right now!" So we pulled in to get one, and Hubs suggested I get some food with it (always a good idea lately). Sonic is NOT a food-allergy-friendly place, but in moments like this I have to throw restrictions to the wind. I had seen a TV commercial last night for their new all-beef hot dogs, and I had made a mental note that they sounded kind of good... in a kind of gross way. Well, at 10:30 this morning I had my cranberry limeade, and ate Chicago Style hot dog, complete with pickle, yellow mustard, and spicy peppers.
Wow, I'm definitely pregnant. :)