Saturday, April 2

Cloth Diapering Pt. I - We're Sold!

I am super passionate about cloth diapering already. I am getting so excited about it! Hubs and I are completely in agreement - and he got convinced all on his own!
We have done tons of research over the past few months, and talked to a good friend that cloth diapers her little girl. We decided that we'd like to use:

cotton prefolds

with Snappis,

under Thirsties covers

and wool covers;

FuzziBunz One Size AIO's (All-in-One's)

I was not initially looking at "modern" cloth diapers like FuzziBunz because I was intimidated by the price. Then a friend gave me her experience with them, and I realized - they are an innovative, amazing product, made by an American company started by a mom, and an INVESTMENT that will last us through one or two more babies. Incredibly easy-to-use and CUTE, colorful cloth diapers for a one-time cost - Wow, can't beat that! (Disposables are SO not a one-time cost!) I checked out the FuzziBunz website at her suggestion. From their FAQ page to the benefits of cloth diapering, even tips to make it MORE green. Check it out.
We figured out that we can buy one or two FuzziBunz OS diaper each month ($20 each) and have a good stock ready by the time she's born. FuzziBunz, AIO's, any cloth diapers are really very affordable when you look at it in little steps like this.

Here are some websites with free patterns for cloth diapers and accessories:

This site has supplies for sewing, like PUL fabric for covers, and snaps for covers and AIO's:

I am thrilled at the idea that we will be done buying diapers and accessories a few months into our baby's life - once we have our stock, we get to stop buying diapers! We will have a sense of control over our finances and baby's health -cloth will not likely create rashes like disposables do, and there will be no icky chemicals seeping into baby's skin. I feel empowered. Depending on how much help we receive at our baby shower, I will make up the difference by saving and buying them ourselves, and doing some creative fabric hunting and sewing.