Wednesday, April 20

A Garden Room for Baby V

I love looking at pretty things, and the fabric I've picked for Baby Girl's room is so pretty! It makes me smile, and cheers me up, and I wanted to share it here.

This is the fabric for the crib skirt, and the inspiration for the whole room. I'm going to frame a piece for the wall as well:

And a close-up:

This is the home decor fabric I chose to recover the glider cushions:

Both fabrics have a creamy colored background, not white. I love the spring green and warm rich reds, oranges, and browns. I found another calico print that I think I'm going to make the bumper out of. It's a warm, muted orange with red ad cream leaf accents. Matches perfectly. There is a tiny floral printed calico in a warm green that sort of goes, but I'm not sold on it:

I still want to avoid an overly "themey" room. What I've been doing is buying things I like and that coordinate, and trusting that it will come together. I read that if you create a room you would have loved as a child, you can't go wrong. Well, it is coming together; over the weekend I realized that V's room is taking on a garden theme! I would have loved it as a girl (after all, my favorite birthday party we ever put on was a garden/flower theme. Hard to explain, but it was so much fun - inspired by an American Girl Magazine idea). See, we have floral prints and frogs, and I've planned all along to frame and hang this watercolor that my niece painted for me and Baby V:

Perfect, right? Hubs wants to make a mobile of birds or butterflies. And the creativity keeps flowing, stay tuned... :)