Saturday, April 23

Hmm... Gluten, Dairy, & Sclerosing Cholangitis

I am searching for articles and information that connnects sclerosing cholangitis (the disease that ruined my first liver) and gluten and dairy foods. I found Dr. Sandra Cabot's website and got two of her books about a year and a half ago. Her work is the first I'd ever heard of that connected diet to SC (Sclerosing Cholangitis). My liver numbers had been creeping up over time since Fall 2008, and I was interested in finding out ways that I could change my behavior and possibly help my liver. I don't get any help with that from the medical end, because they are so wary of or out of touch with nutrition and diet as treatment for digestive and hepatic diseases (well, other than avoiding alcohol, I suppose). Since my food allergy diagnosis last summer, I've been much more aware of symptoms from my reactive foods. And I really have a hunch that, although I tested negative two years ago for Celiac Disease, that in fact I do have it - I wasn't eating gluten at the time of the test, and my doctor said it did not matter. I've since found out, of course it matters! I wish I had the official diagnosis, but I don't really need any more evidence for myself. I do have a dairy allergy diagnosis, "officially." I was abstaining from it for quite some time, until I got pregnant and couldn't stomach anything but Greek Yogurt, fresh fruit, and everything bagels with cream cheese. Oh, and since we ordered the chicken nachos at our local Mexican restaurant. Oh cheese, how you entrap me...

Anyway, sometimes finding out that my hunches are more than a hunch helps me to get on track. I have found some intriguing information today, and it is motivating me to get back on board with healthier, allergen-free eating.

Here are some of the articles I found:
Gluten and Liver Disease

Sclerosing Cholangitis by Dr. Sandra Cabot

Celiac Disease in Patients with Severe Liver Disease: Gluten-Free Diet May Reverse Hepatic Failure

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