Friday, April 15

I Sewed Something!!

I have always wanted to sew, and sew well enough to make all sorts of fun creations that rival anything you can buy at a little boutique. Since being pregnant I've been inspired anew, and I am determined to become a good seamstress. Well. Last week I cut two receiving blankets and other flannel remnants into squares in preparation to hem them and start our cloth wipe stash. At a friend's suggestion, I doubled each flannel square to make it thicker and more durable, and used a zig-zag stitch on the highest width on my machine. It took me three days to finish hemming because of this cold I'm working through, but I kept working and just finished! I now have over forty homemade flannel wipes to wash and put away for Baby Girl. A great start!

I got the most experience I've ever had with my sewing machine this week. I had to wind the bobbin at least twice, rethread the needle MANY times, and I had several thread jams to fix. I'm still figuring out some of the machine's quirks and my own user errors. But I'm excited to keep sewing and start a new project. I found this free pattern at Wink Designs for baby skirts made of fat quarters, and I think this would be a good "intermediate" level project for me.