Monday, May 30

Sew Some Baby Leg Warmers!

Have you ever heard of BabyLegs? They are new to me. But after seeing a post about them on Life's Little Embellishments, I got inspired and excited about them. They are little leg warmers for babies! Better than baby tights, because they don't have a top section to pull down for every diaper change or when potty training, and they protect little knees when crawling - great idea. They even have a few styles for little boys. But they are a little spendy.
But thankfully, Rachel at Life's Little Embellishments found a tutorial to make your own baby leg warmers at the Wulfekuhle journey. It is a really simple and VERY affordable way to build up a supply of your own. All you need is a sewing machine, thread, and a pair of girls' or ladies' knee high socks. Check out some of these handmade creations... while I go out and shop for socks to make some for Baby V!

From the Wulfekuhle journey:

From Life's Little Embellishments:

The striped pair at the bottom are a pair of "real" BabyLegs and the rest are her own cute handmade leg warmers!