Thursday, June 2

Glider Rocker for Baby's Room

This is a little project that has turned out even easier than I thought it would. I bought this glider rocker at a thrift store for $17 back in March or April:

I was planning to re-cover the inner foam cushions with a home decor fabric that goes with the color scheme in Baby's room.
As my due date approaches little by little, and my sewing table isn't really usable while we remodel, I've been wondering what I'll do for cushions. I read something the other day about using the outdoor chair cushions that Peri 1 and World Market sell. I thought this sounded like a great plan, but these cushions run about $40 each, or more.
Well, Hubs and I were at IKEA over the weekend and I passed these cushions in their summer outdoor area, and they were on close out for $12.99 each!

They had less than ten left, all in the yellow and pink plaid, so I bought two just in case they would work. Took them home, put them on the glider rocker, and they fit perfectly! So there's one less project to take on in case Baby arrives earlier than expected, or I get hung up on another project for her room. I love finding great deals :)