Saturday, June 18

Craft Projects for Baby's Room: A Memory Board and Shelves

I have been busy this weekend! Not feeling well, still - UGH! - so sticking close to home and puttering away on these baby room projects as I find the energy.

I made a memory board out of an acoustic panel!

Here's how I did it:
I removed the fabric we had on there (and in the process got a bunch of fiberglass slivers in my fingers - ouch!), then recovered it with one of BG's bedding fabrics, using a staple gun to secure it. Then I started attaching the ribbon. I worked from the middle outward in one direction, spacing the ribbons four inches apart and carrying about an inch and a half onto the back on each end, using a glue gun. Next, I did the same thing with the ribbons going in the other direction, weaving them in and out of the first layer of ribbon and gluing them the same way. Once I finished attaching the ribbons, I glued down each intersection. Then I glued a button on top of each intersection. I used a variety of buttons - shimmery simple round ones, flower-shaped ones, and fun ladybug ones. Here's a close-up of the buttons:

The other project I've wrapped up is a pair of flower shelves. I think they look pretty cute, and I like how they're a little more artistic and in keeping with the flowers in the fabric. Here they are:

I think it's finally about time to start hanging up these things in BG's room. It is so much fun creating a room from scratch! :)