Monday, March 5

Fast Food Mondays: Breakfast Scramble

I've had Fast Food Mondays (my first themed series!) on the brain since it debuted way back at the beginning of February. (Did anyone try making those salmon croquettes? They are delicious. We've made them somewhere around ten times at our house since that first try. Yum!)

Today we're back looking at another way to prepare good, fast food on the most hectic day of the week - Monday! This recipe is a breakfast-y meal but it can be eaten morning, noon or night and you'll be satisfied. It is like an omelet, but without the eggs!

My husband gets the credit for coming up with this. One day I needed to eat before an appointment, and was racing around the house getting ready. Hubs knows I need protein in the morning and like to get started on my daily veggie intake with breakfast (he also obviously knows that I cannot have eggs). He came up with this "scramble" idea, and I just made a repeat to test out for all of you. Mix up the components according to what meats are in your 'fridge and what veggies are in season.

Egg-less Breakfast Scramble

What you need:

Zucchini, washed and sliced*
Baby spinach*
Basil (dried works fine; fresh is a treat)
Onion, diced
Black Forest ham (nitrate/nitrite free, gluten free) or other favorite meat, sliced/shredded
EVOO or grapeseed oil

*preferably organic, as these are two things that tend to have high pesticide levels when grown conventionally

What you do:

Heat oil in a skillet over medium low to medium heat. Toss in zucchini slices to get them cooking. Sprinkle with basil (about half a teaspoon to start; add more as you cook, to taste). A couple minutes later, when zucchini slices start to soften, add in diced onion. Toss everything together and continue cooking. When the onions are turning translucent, add in the ham and spinach leaves (tear them if you want truly bite size) and give everything a good stir to blend the flavors.

It is done when everything is warm, the zucchini and onion is tender, and the spinach leaves have wilted. Give it a taste. Sidenote: you should always taste while you cook; seasoning food is not science, and unless you're baking, there are no hard and fast rules ;)
Add more basil if you feel it needs it, and a sprinkle of sea salt to bring out the flavors - but not much when using ham, because it's already salty!

Did I forget anything? I hope not. I've been dealing with a hefty amount of brain fog for a few days. 

So here you go: a complete breakfast (lunch or dinner) meal from pan to plate in ten minutes or less.
Here's a picture of my breakfast plate, of course sitting next to my usual almond-almond latte and my morning meds and supplements...

...Don't judge me - most of that is Vitamin D, which does wonders for us up here in the Pacific NW  :)

I hope this helps someone out there that, like me, misses omelets terribly due to an egg allergy. Just take your favorite omelet components and try it without the egg as a "scramble." And let me know how it turns out; I'd love to hear your ideas!

Happy [Fast Food] Monday everyone!