Wednesday, March 14

Leaky Gut Drama

Hi there, friends.

I miss sharing my recipes with you! I've been struggling to keep up with the daily life stuff; no time or energy for blogging. My "leaky gut issues" have turned into some serious drama as of late. In particular, over the weekend I had garlic accidentally, more than once (talk about feeling stupid!) and it activated all sorts of breathing problems, pain, and too-low blood pressure and heart rate. And then I lost my inhaler. AH!
Yesterday I got in to see the doctor, and I got a new inhaler and an Epi-Pen - just in case, because of the way things are going. I'm getting set up with an allergist, to get these food allergies, sensitivities, and who knows what else figured out. Remember how I didn't have any [visible] food reactions until just two or three years ago? It's so interesting to me that as I cut out more foods once I realize I am reacting to them (first soy and dairy, then wheat, gluten, citrus, then garlic, pineapple...), when I accidentally ingest one of these foods, the reaction is so much worse then before. This is how I know my guts are leaking like crazy, for one thing...

And on that note, what a nice coincidence - today when I opened my Google reader, I saw that Paleo Parents is featuring a series of guest posts on the nutrition and science behind the Paleo Diet, all written by Paleo Mom. Today's post just so happens to be on the topic of Leaky Gut syndrome. First of all, I highly recommend the Paleo Parents blog. Their recipes, tips and videos are SO helpful, fun and straightforward. They are a gift to the Paleo and blogging community! In addition, this series of articles (by Paleo Mom) is going to be good, I can tell just from this first post. Her writing is clear and full of science to back it up, and her drawings are quirky while also being super educational. It's a great post, go read it.
Maybe one day in the future, this kind of information about Leaky Gut will be on all packaging of grains, dairy, gluten free foods, and the like, so Americans can at least make informed personal decisions about whether to follow the recommendations of high grain and dairy intake pushed on us, or perhaps go another way... like gluten, grain and dairy free! That probably won't happen, but I can dream :)

No promises on when I'll be back with a recipe. I've got a lot on my plate and need to work on healing. In the meantime, you can assume I'll be eating lots of creamy, warm winter squash puree with yummy toppings, like this: