Tuesday, September 18

No Lymphoma!

Praise Jesus, I do NOT have lymphoma!!!

Hubs and I went to my post-op appointment last Wednesday, and (I just love this doctor!) the first thing that happened when the doctor opened the door was to say, "Well, it's not lymphoma. I just got off the phone with pathology." Way to lead with the good news, Mister! I so appreciated that!

After my appointment, we went home, picked up Victory and my mom, and went out to dinner. One of the best Mexican restaurants in the area has recently started cooking some of their things gluten-free, taking measures to prevent cross contamination and such. (What a nice thing, by the way!) Before my appointment, I'd said, "Let's go to Azteca after we get the good news!" I was doing all I could to walk out the confidence I felt in my heart, and one way was to plan ahead a celebration in anticipation of the great report I was about to get!

Each time I walk through a challenge, a fight of life you could call it, I learn more about who God is and what He wants to be known for in our lives - faithful, ever-present, trustworthy, unconditionally loving, always caring, always having our best in mind... I could go on and on! I walked through this challenge with the most peace and confidence I've ever had through a battle, and God was there on the other side with a great outcome. However, I think it can be a battle in itself to ignore that little voice in the back of our minds that says, "Why are you so confident? What if it turns out to be bad news, and you've been telling everyone you can that you are healthy and God has this covered? What if you look like a fool?" That is really a self-centered train of thought, and if I'm thinking that way, it reveals that I've taken my eyes off of my faithful Father and I'm looking at myself and the people around me for answers.

I love that I was counting on a great report from my great God, and He had the situation covered the whole time, and we were able to go out and enjoy a nice dinner and bask in the relief and peace of knowing I was NOT about to start a crazy barrage of testing, appointments, and treatments. Thank You Jesus!

In case you are wondering why my neck did have an enlarged lymph node, we are still waiting for the full report, but remember those cultures for bacteria and fungus that they started after my surgery (I briefly wrote about it in this post)? At the time of my appointment, only some of those tests had come back (it can take several weeks for anything to grow). Two bacteria had shown up so far. And because I'm allergic to the antibiotic that they usually treat this bacteria with, I am one of the lucky ones (ha) and now have to see an Infectious Disease specialist on Friday to go over the rest of the results and get a specific treatment in place appropriate for someone with an allergy and also immune-suppressed because of a transplant.
My ENT doctor said we are getting oddly close to a scenario out of the TV show "House," because they have no idea why a bacteria would have settled in my neck, and still no clue how I got an infection in the first place. Craziness!

So, it's off to the Infectious Disease department of the hospital on Friday. Hubs and I are going to turn it into a date afternoon, because we'll be going up to Seattle for my appointment. It will be interesting to meet with an ID doctor; I've never been to one before (that's a good thing I suppose!). The other day I was thinking, I should get a checklist of all the different medical specialists and check off which ones I've ever seen  -  I think it would be a good chunk of the list. At least I can't say my life has been boring :)
Here's hoping the infection is mild and taken care of even before I start antibiotics! And also that the antibiotics don't send me into a major UC flare by killing off my good gut bugs! (Gotta stock up on probiotics, that reminds me!)

That's all for now. I have been daydreaming about some recipes to share on the blog but no photos or writeups yet. Stay tuned as it's slowly (stubbornly) changing to fall around here, and I know I'm going to be inspired by the apples and pumpkins all around... Yum!