Friday, September 21

Update: (I Don't Have an) Infectious Disease [Yay!]

Just a quick update:
I went to my appointment with an Infectious Disease specialist today. She wasn't concerned about anything hinting at a bacterial infection, it turns out that the cultures were probably just contaminated somehow between my surgery and the pathology lab, which is fairly commonplace. So, no antibiotics for me!

The Dr said it is more likely that I had a virus of some kind, and they usually just run their course and that's it. In order to rule out a virus, she ordered a bunch of tests to see if anything shows up that was obviously the cause of my swollen lymph node. She ordered tests for a bunch of viral infections, including the kind carried by cats because of all the nasty poop encounters I've had this summer, gardening in our stray-cat-infested yard. (Oh, those dirty furballs and their nastiness!!! I digress; that is another story for another time.)
From simple Mono virus to Toxoplasmosis, which is a virus found in cat poop, to HIV because I have had blood transfusions before (that one will be negative, I declare in Jesus' name!), I think I set a new personal record for the number of blood vials drawn at the lab - fifteen! I sat and drank two cans of juice before leaving the lab, and oh am I thankful they had juice. It was past lunch time and all I'd had to eat before then was a small bowl of acorn squash and some tea.

So those test results will be trickling in over the next week to ten days, and we'll find out eventually if it was a virus. Post transplant life is never dull :)