Sunday, March 31

Easter Hope and Healing!

Jesus is alive :)

Happy Resurrection Sunday to you, or as you may know it, Easter!

We are experiencing some amazing weather in the Seattle area this weekend: gorgeous sunny days with temps above sixty! This is a delight to us lifelong residents. Easter here usually feels more like October than spring.
My little fam attended our church's community kid centered event in the morning, there was an Alice in Wonderland theme and felt like a full on street fair, it was wonderful! Then we had lunch, dressed in our Easter best, and headed back to church to serve. What an awesome night, two great services celebrating what our Jesus has done for us.

I just had to update and share that not only did I make it through all of Saturdays events, I made it out Friday to the mall with some friends, Thursday night running errands a long time, and I am still going, just need rest for a while.

God is so good. Monday night we went out as a family, and had a great time. But when we got home, I had another return of the migraine. It took until Tuesday night, but I got finally a RX from my doctor for a med, and it helped! So after six days and nights of almost constant migraine... relief!

Each day since has been improving in overall energy and function. I finished the antibiotic doctors put me on in the hospital. Gut infection all cleared up! No signs of bleeding. No signs of low platelets! Less arthritis. Sleeping through nights. Energy to go out and do things! Strength to pick up my Victory! What a change from two weeks ago in the hospital. Thank You Jesus.

I also had check ups with my new GI doctor, my primary care doctor, and my new liver doctor. They all went well. My fave part of it all is when my liver doctor said, "You are nowhere near needing a new liver." Woo!!!!! That was GREAT NEWS.

So, I just wanted to write all this down, even just for my own encouragement later, and declare my hope for this pattern of improving health to continue.

Thank You God for healing, for hope, for answered prayers, for EASTER!

I hope you will take time today to recognize Christ's death and resurrection. Without it we would be dead and lost in our sin and pain. Because of it, we can have hope and life with God forever.

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Jesus' love for you is greater than any shortcoming you possess - embrace that today.