Saturday, March 23

Hospital Week, mostly in pictures

So last week I had to be admitted to the hospital, and stay for six nights and six days. I am not feeling well today, so all the details I'll get to later. For now I have a few pictures to share.

I half don't want to post this one because of how scary pale I look, but I think it is at least a good representation of how drastic the transformation can be after a blood transfusion (or three)!

On the way to my doctor's appointment, knowing I would probably get admitted to the hospital. I was not feeling so good... It is hard to catch me not smiling, but this was one of those rare times I just couldn't. I. Was. Miserable.

Hanging out in the ER. After we arrived to admitting, the triage nurse called an "all staff" to my room over the intercom. Three nurses were already in there when they wheeled me in. They helped me into a gown and then two nurses worked at the same time putting an IV in each arm. Then they started major fluid infusions.

Thursday, Hubs and I took a brief, slowwww walk down the hall of my unit, and noticed there was a certain odor in the air. I started dreaming of the spring hyacinths I smelled outside the clinic the week before, and how delicious they smelled, and wished I had some to put by my bedside.
Not two hours later, a flower arrangement showed up at my room.

They were beautiful and smelled just delightful - particularly the hyacinths. :)
Thank you my dear Sara friend.

Four days and six blood units later... beautiful and faithful friends Traci and Sarah (who live five hours away by car) visited me! They happened to be in town for an event and came by the hospital on their way home. What a BLESSING!

Sunday was a good day. It was sunny outside and so bright in my room because of that. My usually serious and occasionally outright grumpy doctor came by and was chipper and even smiled! I had major relief from the pain in my legs that kept bothering me. A visit from some incredible church family, and my baby girl came to see me!

Here I am Sunday night...

...taking my last dose of Tacrolimus!
I am now taking Cyclosporine for transplant anti-rejection purposes instead. It may put my UC into remission too, according to some new research. Here's hoping!!!

It was hard to be away from my sweet girl and my home for a whole week, under the circumstances. I am praying that the tests and changes we made because of the long stay will be fruitful continually in the next weeks and months. I have two new doctors, and they are amazing, and I was finally able to catch up with my liver doctor while there as well. I have a great team working together to help me the best they can.
If you feel led, pray for my doctors, that they would hear and receive treasures of wisdom and knowledge from above, ideas and answers they never thought of before, for great treatment and even getting me completely well again!

So I have been home since Tuesday night. It has not been an easy transition, and I am not feeling too well, which has been so frustrating. Dealing with pain almost 24/7 is so exhausting, and looking into the mirror seeing a pale, exhausted girl staring back is discouraging. I am so thankful I know how to pinpoint those negative thoughts in my mind and boot them out. It is a constant battle in these shoes, but I am determined to win!

I will try to post again before too much time passes, to update on everything. I have five doctor appointments in four days this week. FIVE! Not looking forward to that, especially because one is going to involve some really serious "real talk" about my options and what may need to happen. But that's really nothing new for me. 
God before me, Jesus within me, Holy Spirit surrounding me, I can do it!

thanks for checking in on me. :)