Thursday, May 9

a Piece of Advice (BEDIM: Day 8)

Today is Day Eight of the Blog Every Day in May. The prompt? "A piece of advice"

My advice? Pick your battles, and lighten up. Life is full of potential stressors, challenges, grumpy people, flat tires, rainy days. Relationships - marriage, parenting, family, coworkers, neighbors - have their speed bumps, and any time two or more imperfect people are involved, life can get messy.

My advice is keep the end in mind, and allow that ultimate vision to guide your responses and decisions. We have too much to do in life to pick up every issue bothers us, and if we do try to deal with every single issue we are going to be absolutely exhausted. We must pick our battles.
A great tip I was taught is to run every issue we have through the filter of "will this matter in five years?" Sometimes to help you pick your battles, you need to ask, "will this even matter in five days, or even five minutes?"
Asking this will help you conserve energy for what you NEED to do to achieve your ultimate vision for your life, no distractions.

Also, lighten up! Smile, laugh, keep a healthy perspective. Celebrate your blessings and victories. Watch and listen to comedians that give life by making you laugh. Just be light of heart, it is good for you. Life is too short to have attitude, stay upset, or worry. Hang around positive people who help you stay light.

I could write so very much more. But I will leave with these pieces of advice.
Now, what is your piece of advice?