Wednesday, May 8

Things I'm Most Afraid Of (BEDIM: Day 7)

This post is a couple days late, and I was going to just let it go. But I changed my mind.

The prompt for Day 7 is "the thing(s) you are most afraid of."

Let me start by reminding you, I so am not perfect and I so don't have it all together. But after thinking about this prompt for the week, I realized that in my last fifteen or twenty years of life, I have had to face just about everything I was afraid of. And more recently  I have learned how to capture a fear trying to root in my life, and throw it away. (Thank you Jesus, PK, and Joyce Meyer!  ;))

  • Spiders. I defeated that when I had to deal with a giant tropical spider that came home in our grocery store bananas. Boom!
  • Death. Face critical health situations enough and you'll make peace with this eventual fate too. Just not happening yet, not even close!!
  • People not liking me. Yeah, life is too short to let people and their toxic vibes bother ya. Hurting people hurt people, and 99.9% of the time people have issues with themselves, not you.

So those were my big fears, and I know they resonate with most of you out there. We are all just human  :)

Now, I do have something I would identify as the thing that tries to overwhelm me. And that is because it is overwhelming.

I am overwhelmed by the idea of FOREVER. Of eternity. Of no more sense of time. Of going on and on, and on and on.......................

Wow, when that bugger creeps in, does it overwhelm my mind and make me get lost in my head.

I believe in Heaven and I know that I know I will be spending forever with my Creator when my time in this life is done. I believe what the Bible says about Heaven- that it is a beautiful, perfect place God created with His people in mind. That it will be a place of JOY. Peace. Love. Worship. Freedom and fun! Reunions. Relationships. Life ABUNDANT, with no tears, sickness, or pain.
And I let those truths flood in at those times when my mind goes down that imploding path of too-big-way-too-big-to-comprehend thoughts (which God never asked me to think in the first place!).

As my best friend aka Hubs encouraged me a few years ago, "we are all going to live forever, no matter how you look at it. We get to decide where we spend that forever."
And that helps me. Because I think if there is a true fear I have hidden in this thing, it would be the fear of spending an unending eternity alone.

How I am grateful that the greatest truth about my forever is that I will never be alone. Heaven is the place we get to be in God's presence forever. Never ever alone!

I hope this encouraged someone out there. Perhaps my most revealing blog post ever. So if you have anything to say, let it be kind.  :)