Friday, May 17

Favorite photo of me (BEDIM: Day 17)

Hey all!  I'm back. I dropped off the challenge for about a week there, just had to prioritize my family and domestic duties while running on low energy. My guts and energy level aren't recovered 100% yet, but I believe I'm getting there! Pressing on!
I do have to get a CMR lab panel tomorrow to check on my liver numbers, they've been fussy for a couple weeks now. Dr is thinking I just needed a Cyclosporine dose increase. Believing that's the case!

Now, onto today's prompt: my fave photo of myself.

This was several years ago. My hubs and I were away for an overnight to celebrate our anniversary, at the Salish Lodge above Snoqualmie Falls (thanks Mom and Dad). I got ready for the day and sat down at the window seat, and Hubs took this photo. The natural light was so pretty.

I look so happy, healthy, and glowing. It's a favorite photo because of those things, and the memories it brings to mind. I don't get dolled up and feeling pretty as often as I would like and this photo reminds me it doesn't take much, mostly a smile  :)