Friday, May 24

turn Weak into Strong

Yeah, I kinda dropped out of the Blog Every Day in May challenge. I'm okay with it. I've been been having a tough week, a colitis flare and my platelets are being stubbornly low. I'm going to win this battle, I keep saying it and it will happen eventually.

So I just wanted to check in and let you all know I'm still here, just not all about blogging at the moment. I'm still reflecting on an incredible Oxygen womens conference last week, recovering from a full weekend, and marvelling at the daily blessings that come from being a wife and a mom to two incredible people I have the joy of calling my family.

I do want to share share one thought that's been trudging around my head all day today. It's the second part of Joel 3:10 b, "Let the weak say I am strong."
This verse dropped into my path yesterday when I was doing some reading, and it is so timelyfor me. In tbe times that my blood count is dropping, it's difficult to watch and feel the effects in my body. I have learned recently that I can declare strength from God, literally speak it with my mouth, and it makes a difference. It makes my body respond, because there is life and hope being spoken. In the struggles of life, including physical, we are not powerless!

Read the Message translation: "Let the weak one throw out his [her] chest and say, "I'm tough, I'm a fighter!"

That's what I'll be doing this weekend, determined to bounce back from this setback without a hospital visit!