Wednesday, June 12

Crazy Week, part one

Exactly seven days ago, I was spending the night in the Critical Care Unit. Tuesday morning my husband had to rush me to the Emergency Room, where they declared I was in hemorrhagic shock. My blood pressure was low, heart rate high, skin white, and body struggling. Hubs had to carry me to the car and into the ER wheelchair.

After arriving to the ER, they got me right in, and all available staff came to assess me, put in two IVs simultaneously, ran an EKG, and a tech stood by ready next to the code cart.
Here I am wrapped in blankets - I was so cold:

I was put into the CCU because they could not find a match blood donation to give me right away, and wanted to monitor my vital signs closely in the meantime. It ended up taking five or six hours for the blood to arrive. I received a platelet infusion while waiting for the blood, but it didn't boost my platelet level. (Same as the time in December when that was tried.) This darn ITP is a nasty thing.

You know what they don't have in the CCU rooms? Toilets. Bathrooms. In case you love to use a classy contraption called the bedside commode, it's the place for you!
God bless my husband for his nurseliness. The things he puts up with for me...

After my transfusion of two units, I had a little improvement. It was slight, just sitting up successfully and better vitals, but progress. Hubs said my skin also had some color back to it.

The next morning, my doctors explained the plan was to transition me to a medical surgical floor. We waited most of the day for that, and in the meantime I was able to start walking around. The hospital has a rooftop garden for patients right down the CCU hall, so we went out there to enjoy the sun.

What a testimony to the power of prayer! I looked so much better and felt better then. I stayed outside almost an hour sitting and drinking water and sun basking. Then we went in, ate lunch, and it was time to go upstairs.

My room was on the top floor of the hospital, possibly the best room and view in the whole place! It also happened to be on the floor where a friend of mine is a nurse! I felt like God gave us favor with those circumstances, they were not a coincidence but Him, showing us He was near even in those little things.

The view from my hospital window:

I got settled in, the hospital doctors came to see me, I got to eat dinner, and then it was night. They started me on high doses of IV methylprednisone, and checked my blood count again.

To be continued...