Thursday, January 16


If you have seen me in the last two weeks you must have noticed the significant jaundice I have developed. My skin is a glowing gold yellow and the "whites" of my eyes haven't been white in a while! It's no fun when you cant figure out what color top to wear that will somehow downplay the yellow skin, everything seems to magnify it, ha!

The other night my faithful friend Emily took me to Target for a "mom's night out." I've started to not care what people think, and use the store's motorized courtesy carts when I'm tired and need to save my energy. How lame is the alternative anyway, sitting at home not having a blast at Target?!

I have not looked very healthy, however, God's grace abounding, I have really reasonably been able to keep up with my life, my roles as homemaker, wife, and mom to one very energetic little lady! thank You Jesus!

I haven't had any signs of infection, cholangitis or pancreatitis, PTL, but some discomfort and feeling a little out of it, I think from the excess bilirubin rolling around my body. It definitely needs addressing, so I called my liver team and had a bunch of labs drawn today. Tomorrow afternoon I see my hepatologist.

I have a hunch about the cause of this and I am praying it is right, because it's fairly simple and quick fix that should/could clear up this issue for 5-10 years. With PSC it usually takes years for the bile ducts to become so scarred that they narrow to the point of causing back ups which lead to infection, and total blockages. When I went in the hospital in late September with the serious symptoms of cholangitis, they tried to open a narrowing during an ERCP, but due to a sharp turn in my bile duct from the way everything was connected to my transplant liver, the doctor just couldn't get it. At that time they told me they could try going from the outside of my abdomen with slightly more risks, but did not need to because the antibiotics cleared up everything so well.
I am thinking that this is the same narrowing and it is telling us that it needs some help :)

Anticipating a short hospital stay for a pretty simple procedure like that, and believing it will calm down this PSC for years to come, I am hoping that is what the doctors see and want to do! Even the idea of actually planning a hospital stay where I can make arrangements for my family, pack, bring healthy food... what a difference that would be compared to all my other hospital stints these last 18 months :)

please be in agreement that it will be a simple fix and clear this up quickly and easily. God is so faithful, I know He's got this!

Thanks friends :)

Here's a photo of me and my sweet gal. We got to take a little walk in the crisp winter fog today. Great time, great memories. I'm so thankful to be mom to this world changing gal!