Friday, May 3

Things that make me uncomfortable (BEDIM: Day 3)

Day Three of "Blog Every Day in May" Challenge! You'll notice I went with an acronym for my titles every day - BEDIM - a little less clutter for your eyes. You're welcome.  ;)

So today's topic is things that make me uncomfortable.

I can tell you one right off the bat:

1)  Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey bickering on American Idol! Oh boy does pointless conflict, especially of the dramatic and showy flair, make me squirm. It is so uncomfortable to watch. Similarly, the second thing that makes me uncomfortable...

2) Cheesy or bad acting. Ah, I just can't take it.

3) Feeling pressured or backed into a corner. This happened quite a bit in my first few adult years dealing with serious health issues and pushy doctors. So happy to look back on those years and see how far I've come!

4) Making excuses. I loathe making excuses, but had to learn to give myself grace - I have had some pretty major reasons for cancelling plans or not being present somewhere important. I still hate doing it though!

5) Having wet socks. Seriously, that is probably my number one physical pet peeve. A close second: muddy feet while wearing sandals.

Well there you go! So what makes YOU uncomfortable??